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Wooden Marble Run {1}
Wooden Marble Run {2}
Wooden Marble Run {3}
Wooden Marble Run {4}
Wooden Marble Run {5}
Wooden Marble Run {6}
Wooden Marble Run {1}
Wooden Marble Run {2}
Wooden Marble Run {3}
Wooden Marble Run {4}
Wooden Marble Run {5}
Wooden Marble Run {6}

Wooden Marble Run

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Wooden Marble Run

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This Marble Run comes with hours of fun! Free of charge! There is something
about watching the marbles zig-zag, or snake, or speed their way down the
track, and the sounds of the marbles that is mesmerizing, and kids love to
watch it!


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Made from quality MDF, this marble run requires no tools or hardware for
assembly. Simply insert each section of the track into the uprights to lock in
place, and it's ready to go. Each track comes with 3 straight sections, 2
"snake" sections, and 1 zig-zag section. The Marble Run also comes with a
convenient tray for catching the marbles at the end.

Part of how this marble run is assembled is by the use of slip joints. These
joints are awesome. They allow for quick and easy assembly and disassembly, but
they also allow for movement and flex under stress. Things like bridges, and
airplanes are built with joints that allow movement and flex so that they don't
just snap, and so is our Marble Run. When a child inevitably puts pressure on
one of the tracks, and the track flexes, its allowed to flex instead of break
because of the movement in the joint. Because of these joints, the track can
feel a bit wobbly, but you can rest assured it is secure and is built to last.

We don't sell the marbles with the run, but recommend this for children ages
3+ because it is meant to be used with small marbles.

Shipping is free within the contiguous 48 states.

Your kids will honestly love this, I once laughed while watching my kids play
with this because I was amazed at how entertained they were by it. Then I
realized I had just spent the last 45 minutes watching them play.

Here is a link to the assembly/disassembly video so you can see how it goes
together. https://youtu.be/UHnp-U71KO4
Brand: HighFiveCreationsLLC
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